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Atlas Lawn 

Commerical Lawn Care for Multi-Family Communities, Residential Communities, and Commercial Properties for Metro Atlanta and North Georgia Areas. 

Servicing Only Commercial and Multi-Family Assets.

Grass Nutrients  and Weed Control

Atlas Lawn is a commercial landscape company that knows the importance of keeping our communities and properties looking healthy and beautiful. In our maintenance program we include our aggressive weed control plan for our multi-family communities, and single family and townhouse neighborhoods. We also can offer a grass fertilizer options as well!

Lawn Care Is What We Do

Atlas Lawn 

Built On Service

Multi-Family Communities

We understand how crucial curb appeal is and making your Owners and Residents happy! We strive to keep it looking fresh and uniformed. Property Managers love us for it!

Concrete pathway across huge green lawn in front of residential condo building. Apartment
Quiet street scene of the sidewalk and idyllic homes in a suburban neighborhood.jpg

Single Family Home

The entrance to a neighborhood is the first thing home owners and guests see! We enjoy making neighborhoods look the part throughout the community. We have a lot of pride in out work!


Aerial view of a townhouse complex in a Chicago suburban neighborhood in summer. Palatine,

We love serving our townhouse communities! We not only make the home owners very happy but amenities looking good. We strive to keep your property looking great and execute a cohesive look throughout. 

Nice development  of new townhouses.jpg

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Atlas Lawn can customize maintenance plans! 

Servicing only commercial and multi-family assets.

Multi-Family Community 





Single Family Neighborhood 


Commercial ​Maintenance






Irrigation and Drainage Installation and Repairs

Retention Pond Clean Up, Capital Projects, and Much More!

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