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About Us

Who We Are...

Atlas Lawn 

Atlas Lawn was founded by Kyle Sutherland. He found  that lawn care gave him a sense of pride in his work, and brought him joy. Kyle served in the United States Army and accomplished two tours in Iraq. 

When he founded this company he wanted to not only serve his clients but the community. He strives to be of help. 

The company's motto is "built on service." Our clients and the people we serve is what makes us, Atlas Lawn. We thank our Atlas Family! 


Always doing the right thing when no one is watching. Trust is everything! 


Providing an excellent customer service and client relationship experience. We want you to be happy!


We are here for the long run!

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Our Mission

Veteran's Foundation

Our goal in 2024 is to start our Atlas Veteran's Foundation. At the end of the year we will donate a portion of our profits to veteran(s) in need. We are ecstatic to start this program! We thank you to everyone who has been in service to protect us!

This foundation was inspired by Kyle's father, Melvin. He received two purple hearts during the Vietnam War. We thank him for his service! We love you dearly!

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